First Stage Fermented Broad Bean Sauce (600g*1 bag)3
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First Stage Fermented Broad Bean Sauce (600g*1 bag)

The difference between our first stage fermented broad bean chili sauce and aged fermen

Price NTD 35

The third generation mala specialist
John Ju creating his full lineup of all
natural anti-additives sauces with traditional
ancient fermentation techniques.

This Anti-Additive broad bean chili sauce is a simply and
cost efficent to make your desired cuisine more budget friendly.
This sauce has been fermentated for 90 (3 months) to 180 days (6 months).
Resulting to less time spent in fermenting leave to less cost.
This is still an ideal sauce thats been used in Sichuan cuisines and
mala hot pot and beef stew noodles. The trait of this sauce is for
users we want more budget friendly sauce with more of a fresh
cut chili sauce taste and bright red color and texture. The aroma
of the sauce won't be as bold in flavor compared to our aged
sauce which are fermentated for at least 180 days(6months) to
545 days (1year and a half) but it will definitely do it job.
This sauce is vegan friendly.  

3 Months Fermented Chili Sauce、Broad Bean、Salt

【 Product Name  First Stage Fermented Broad Bean Chili Sauce

【 Specification unit (for business use) 】600g/bag

【 Specification unit (for business use) 】18kg/box

【 Vegetarian /  Five Pungent Spices Vegetarian】  Vegetarian

【Storage method 】 Normal temperature (cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight)

This product does not contain artificial preservatives and it needs to be refrigerated after opening