Szechuan Chong Qing Mala (fire)Sauce 3
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Szechuan Chong Qing Mala (fire)Sauce

Pao Chung John Ju Carefully Developed "Chong Qing Mala Sauce”

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Over Three Generations Of Mala Specialist John Ju, 

Creating A Unique Series Of Mala Sauce With Ingenuity  

This Anti-Additive Sauce That Enriches In A Bold Flavor Of Spice And Numbing

Level. This Sauce Can Be Used In Many Fusion Types Of Cuisines. Whether Its

From Marinating Meat And Vegetables, Stir-Fry, BBQ Sauce Or Dilute Into Broth

To Transform Into A Bold Flavor Broth Like Stew. Dilution Ratio 5:1. This Product

Is Five Pungent Spices Vegetarian Friendly.

★ ingredients

Pix Broad Bean Sauce、Fermented Chili Sauce、Broad Bean、Salt),

Fermented Black Soybean Sauce (Soybean、Sugar、Salt) 、Peppercorn、

Ginger、Garlic、SZECHUAN Satr Anise、Chili、Fagara、Soybean Oil


【 Product Name  Szechuan Chong Qing Mala (fire)Sauce

【 Specification unit (household use) 100g/can

【 Validity period】 Printed On The Bottle

【 Specification unit  (handy bag) 13g/bag 12 small bags

【 Specification unit  (handy bag) 13g/bag 100 small bags

【 Specification unit (for business use) 1200g/can

【 Specification unit (for business use) 3000g/can

【 Allergens  Soybean, broad bean

【 Vegetarian /  Five Pungent Spices Vegetarian】 Five Pungent Spice Vegetarian (include scallion, & garlic)

【Storage method 】 Normal temperature (cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight)

This product does not contain artificial preservatives and it needs to be refrigerated after opening