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Annual Cook Off Competition
2022寶川盃 來嘍4
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Thank you to Vice Chairman Ma for coming to guide and award the Pao Chung Cup Halal Gourmet Cuisine Competition. This competition includes Century Green Energy Industrial and Commercial, Taipei Yuda High School, Dacheng High School, Guangqi High School, Sanyi High School, Taoyuan Yuda High School, Thirty-four contestants from 15 schools including Qiying Senior High School, Kainan Middle School, Gubao Jiashang, Daojiang Hujia, Nengren Jiashang, Gengxin Nursing College, Jingwen University of Science and Technology, Chengxiu University of Science and Technology and Taipei Hainan University participated in the competition. Taipei University of Marine Technology Restaurant Management Department and Pao Chung uphold the spirit of catering education. Starting from the pre-game briefing, they introduced the health and safety regulations related to halal food in detail, and through the interview video of Vice Chairman Ma, the competitors and instructors fully understood Halal dietary taboos and safety conditions, as well as the current development of the catering industry.In addition, the competition also acquired the presidents of major domestic catering associations, international catering competition judges and previous gold medal instructors as judges. Each contestant also actively presented and designed halal food-style dishes, and demonstrated their cooking skills through on-site cooking. Inspection of ingredients as soon as they enter the venue, cooking processes that comply with hygienic standards, careful seasoning and preparation of dishes until the dishes are presented to the judges for tasting, and professional judges’ one-by-one comments at the final stage allow each contestant and instructor to fully acquire their cooking skills Suggestions for improvement, hoping to improve my cooking skills in the future.Finally, we would like to thank the association again for its support and guidance. We will work harder on halal catering education and hope that we can continue to learn from it in the future. #halalfood There are many things that you can eat and very few that you cannot eat.# Taipei University of Marine Technology #GraspHealthPrinciples You and I are both masters#Pao Chung Cup Annual Cooking Competition # Mala#Healthy#Safety#Anti-Additives https://www.paochung.com/en/hot_483100.html Pao Chung Cup Annual Cooking Competition 2024-06-18 2025-06-18
PAO CHI CHUNG ENTERPRISES CORPORATION 1F., No. 237, Juguang Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C.) https://www.paochung.com/en/hot_483100.html
PAO CHI CHUNG ENTERPRISES CORPORATION 1F., No. 237, Juguang Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C.) https://www.paochung.com/en/hot_483100.html
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#2022寶川盃 來嘍
我們寶川公司長期以來就是提供給大家無添加的健康醬料與各種辛香料,經過多年的努力我們寶川陸續取得SGS、Halal(清真)、Anti Additive(無添加餐飲食品發展協會)、ISO 22000食品安全輔導與HACCP等多項認證,這麼拚我們只有一個目的,就是希望給您健康無負擔的美味體驗。
因此經過多次的競賽委員會議決定,今年的主題是風行全球的 #Vegan_Food #純素料理 希望各位選手們,可以利用暑假期間多多與指導老師討論,設計出今年的美味菜單喔。
產品介紹請詳寶之川官網 http://www.paochung.com/
111年11月12日(星期六) 寶川賽前說明會
111年12月24日17:00前 公告總成績與評審評語
111年12月25日 頒獎10:00~12:00

#2022 Paochuan Cook Off Has Come!
Hello dear contestants and instructors:
Paochuan Cup is here again~~
Paochuan company has been providing you with non-additive healthy sauces and various spices for a long time. After years of hard work, Paochuan has successively obtained SGS FSSC 2200 5.1 edition along with HACCP (Food and Safety counseling) Halal certifications (Halal), Anti-Additive 3 stars highest honors (Additive Free Food and Beverage Development Association), and other certifications, we have only one purpose which is to provide you a healthy and unburdened delicious experience.
Therefore, after many meetings of the competition committee, the theme of this year is the popular #Vegan_Food #vegan cuisine. I hope all the contestants can use the summer vacation to discuss with the instructors and design this year's delicious menu.
The designated sauces are: #Paochuan ratengjiao spicy sauce, #sweetchili sauce
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