Fresh Cayenne Chili Sauce (260g*1 bottle)3
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Fresh Cayenne Chili Sauce (260g*1 bottle)

Fresh Cayenne Pepper、Soybean Oil、Salt、Sugar、Sesame Oil

Price NTD 170

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The third generation mala specialist
John Ju creating his full lineup of all natural
anti-additives sauces with traditional
ancient fermentation techniques.

This Anti-Additive sauce is for client who want the
instant intensified spice with a rich aroma of fresh
cut cayenne chili peppers. The sauce is staright to to
point spicy which is the purpose of it's job. It can be
used with stir-fry, noodles or just pretty much any
dish that needs to be intensifies with spice.
This product is vegan friendly.


Fresh Cayenne Pepper、Soybean Oil、Salt、Sugar、Sesame Oil

【 Product Name Fresh Cayenne Chili Sauce

【 Specification unit (household use) 】260g/can

【 Vegetarian /  Five Pungent Spices Vegetarian】 Vegetarian

【Storage method 】 Normal temperature (cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight)

This product does not contain artificial preservatives and it needs to be refrigerated after opening